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Ainsworth, William Harrison Beau Nash40,0037,00
Aldridge, James Gold & Sand26,0024,10
Andersen, Hans Christian Fairy Tales30,0027,80
Armstrong, Martin The Essential Mary Webb30,0027,80
Armstrong, Thomas Adam Brunskill20,0018,50
Beare, William Latin Verse and European Song38,0035,20
Bottone, Phyllis Eldorado Jane24,0022,20
Bromfield, Louis Mr. Smith : a new novel25,0023,20
Buck, Pearl S. The Good Earth18,0016,70
Buck, Pearl S. Dragon Seed20,0018,50
Cookson, Catherine Rooney40,0037,00
Dickens, Charles The Personal History and Experience of David Copperfield the Younger45,0041,70
Duncan, Jane My friend Rose22,0020,40
Edelman, Maurice A dream of treason20,0018,50
Fraser-Tytler, Ann Leila / or, the Island - In England and at Home75,0069,50
Galsworthy, John The Forsyte Saga50,0046,30
Hardy, Thomas Life's Little Ironies30,0027,80
Hyde DeWitt, William Self-Measurement30,0027,80
Johnson, Samuel The Rambler20,0018,50
Mikes, George Eight Humorists22,0020,40
Mitchison, Naomi Lobsters on the agenda50,0046,30
Mitford, Nancy The Blessing22,0020,40
Montagu, Lord of Beaulieu The Gilt and the Gingerbread25,0023,20
Murdoch, Iris The Nice and the Good25,0023,20
Nabokov, Vladimir Nabokov's Dozen32,0029,60
Raymond, Ernest The mountain farm20,0018,50
Richardson, Samuel Pamela / 2 Bde30,0027,80
Ruskin, John The Stones of Venice / 2 Bde85,0078,70
Ruskin, John The Seven Lamps of Architecture55,0050,90
Sarton, May The small room20,0018,50
Shakespeare, William Sonnets for a dark beauty50,0046,30
Sinclair, Upton A world to win40,0037,00
Sinclair, Upton O Shepherd, speak!45,0041,70
Sinclair, Upton The Return of Lanny Budd75,0069,50
Sinclair, Upton One clear call60,0055,60
Sinclair, Upton Presidential Mission38,0035,20
Slaughter, Frank G. A. Touch of Glory20,0018,50
Stevenson, R.L. Ten Fables60,0055,60
Tickell, Jerrard The hand and flower20,0018,50
Twain, Mark The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn48,0044,50
Uris, Leon M. Battle Cry28,0025,90
Ward, Humphry (Mrs.) The history of David Grieve18,0016,70
Whitlock, Ralph (Edwin Mould of the Field) Peasant's Heritage25,0023,20